The Original Scout Cabin

Old Scout Cabin

The Original Scout Cabin

Scouting got a great boost when Fred Lewis bought a block of land on Morgan Hill in Port Townsend in 1923. On this property, community volunteers built a log cabin with donated materials. It was opened in 1932 and dedicated to the “Boys Scouts of Port Townsend”. It was a happy place of camp outs, ceremonies and meetings for Scouts of all ages, the recognized center for Scouting in Port Townsend.

In 2003, Chief Seattle Council, BSA, sold the land to a local develper. Our old cabin was torn down and the scouts scattered to all corners of our area.  The new cabin was built to be a new center for scouting and other youth activities.

The New Scout Cabin

The new Scout Cabin

The NEW Scout Cabin


In October 2007, the Fred Lewis Scout Cabin Association was born. This name was chose to honor Fred Lewis and our original cabin.

The Legion generously donated their park at the city limits to be the new Scout Cabin location. This new cabin is locally owned and maintained by the Scout Cabin Association. It can not be taken away; it will remain on this site forever. Happily, members of the local Elks Lodge and the American Legion Post as well as adult Scouts and community members came together to build a new log cabin which will serve as a community center and meeting place for Scouts.

The cabin is made of new logs. It includes a kitchen suitable for use by the community and basement storage for the Scouts. Cliff Linderoth, Jr., builder of premier log home, volunteered to teach us how to build the new cabin.  Ralph Eriksen led the “Gezzer Patrol” of “retired” volunteers during the five year construction period.

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 Dedication and Grand Opending was September 22, 2013

Our volunteers have accomplished an amazing feat by creating a beautiful and functional building for Jefferson County youth. Located on three acres of park land at the entrance to Port Townsend, it will serve the community for generations to come.